Get Digital Siganture instantly with your aadhar

eKyc Authenticate yourself using Aadhaar for eKYC with OTP. You need to enter your aadhar number where prompted and click on the 'Get OTP' Button and enter the OTP to authenticate.
eSign Perform eSign through Aadhaar with OTP. Once the authentication is completed your eSign will be generated and signed automatically. With this the process will be complete and proceed for the video verification.
Video Recording Record video while answering simple questions. You can complete this steps via sitting in front of a system which has a working webcam or you can download our 'Customer Mobile add' on your smart phone and complete.
DSC is ready Obtain your DSC in minutes* after processing by eMudhra Representative. Once the digital signature is issued by our representative you can download it to you eToken immediatly.

Fequently answered questions

How to get the Aadhare Public Link?
You need to place an order with and once the order is processed successfully you will be getting public link on your registered email id.
Can I download the digital signature to my eToken if i have one?
Yes. You can download it instantly within 20 minutes (workig hours) to your eToken directly.
What if i don't have an eToken?
You can procure the eToken from us and we will ship to your shipping address on the same day if all the processes are completing within 5:00PM on the same day.
Can I purchase only certificate from and avail this feature?
Yes. You can buy only certificate from us and get it downloaded to any brand FIPS enabled (minimum 142 level 2) crypto eToken which you have.
Is there any extra charge for this fast service?
No. We do not charge any extra amount for this fast service.
What is the download Auth key?
This is the code for your digital signature download. You can any password (eg. 12345) and you need to remember that to download the certificate.
Is there any application form or documents required to be submited?
No. There is no application form or supporting documents are required to be sbimitted online or on the physical form.
Is it applicable for all the individual certificates?
Yes. It is applicable for all Class 2 and Class 3 Individual Digital Signature certificates.
Is this procedure is appicable for organisation certificate also?
Yes. But for organisional certificate you need to submit attested organizational proofs physically to our office to issue the dsc.

Points to be noted:
1) You should have Aadhaar to continue with this transaction.
2) Your Aadhaar should have either of Mobile or email ID linked to it.
3) This process involves eKyc,eSign and Video Recording for all types of DSC issuance.
4) For issuance of certificate you need send the application id and the order id to

Benefits from obtaining the digital signature
1) Same day delivery.
2) FREE shipping any where India.
3) Best in class customer support.
4) Best Pricing


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