Digital Signature Certificates for DGFT

A DGFT Digital Signature is required to digitally sign any documents in electronic format or for transactions being performed through a web-browser on the DGFT website or portal. It is mainly used by the EXIM (Exporters & Importers) community registered with the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) in India.

Advantages of DGFT Digital Signatures.

A DGFT Digital Signature is issued to Organizations or individuals (any person from an EXIM Org. who is authorized to transact with DGFT on behalf of the Org) who have obtained a valid IEC (Importer Exporter Code) code. A DGFT Digital Signature can be used to apply for licenses electronically with the DGFT and digitally sign online license applications. In fact it is mandatory to have this DSC to able to communicate with DGFT online.
DGFT has extended attractive monetary incentives amounting to 50 % waiver on license fee for those Exporters and Importers using DGFT Digital Signature Certificates. Advantages of a DGFT Digital Signature includes reduced paperwork, reduced costs, reduced turnaround time and convenience. Moreover logging into the DGFT Portal using a DGFT Digital signature is far more secure than using a ID and Password.